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Estes Park, Colorado, United States

Horses have been magic for Crissi since she was two years old. She doesn't remember that particular first meeting. She does, however, have a photo of her in a t-shirt and diapers, two chubby fists holding on to a rope that was attached to the halter of a Shetland pony, standing in the Arizona desert.

She went through a journey many of us do: lessons, mucking stalls in trade for a ride on a friend's horse, babysitting to earn enough money for lessons, watching (and then later participating in) horse shows, getting certified as a CHA instructor, getting a first horse (and more after that), experiencing falling off, and getting back on. A lot.

She's had the pleasure to participate in western riding, working cattle, leading trail rides, managing large herds, showing in Hunt Seat Equitation and Dressage, taking jumping lessons, working with many different breeds of horses and people from all over the world, as well as becoming certified as an equine herbalist in 1999.

After teaching for over 25 years, and learning from thousands of horses and riders, she feels grateful that she and her husband can continue this work with the added dimension of The Masterson Method.

She enjoys giving private lessons in Colorado, as well as clinics with her husband, Mark Rashid, throughout the United States. "We've been integrating The Masterson Method into these clinics, with amazing results and happy horses and owners."

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