Beckie’s love affair with horses was reignited in 2010 when she met Eve, a 6-year-old, unstarted Cleveland Bay/Shire mare. It was love at first sight between them! Having shared a horse with her mom and siblings growing up in East Tennessee, having helped to start Thoroughbreds for the racetrack a couple of decades prior, and having an OTTB who had led her to natural horsemanship, she was ready to train a horse of her own. Through this relationship and sharing undemanding time with Eve, she learned more about the language of horses and found her way to the Masterson Method™.

Beckie has always loved and had an affinity for animals. However, her career paths have led her in many directions. Those paths have included working at her family’s helicopter touring business, in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, being a bookstore manager, an exercise rider starting Thoroughbreds for the race track, a middle school teacher, and a dairy goat farmer … to name a few. All of these paths have prepared her to come home to the healing work of putting hands on horses!

She says, “This is the work I was born to do!!! To say I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with horses would be an understatement!”

Beckie also loves to teach! Part of her work includes helping equestrians better understand how and where their horses are stuck as well as the biomechanics and anatomy of horses. She delights in her clients’ expressions when they see and better understand those “stuck” places, and then see and feel their horse relax and respond with greater ease and range of motion … sometimes for the first time! It changes the horse/human relationship, which is a delight to share!

Presently, she is working with the Portland Mounted Police horses to help them move with ease in their demanding job, as well as with horses competing in OHSET, FFA, 4-H, Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, Western disciplines, trail horses and retirees enjoying time in the field.

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