Below is a listing of articles in magazines and news sources about The Masterson Method®. You can also listen to Podcasts, watch Free Educational Videos, or peruse the Bodywork Blog or Bodywork Q&A page. If you’d like to learn The Masterson Method, the first step is to read and view the Beyond Horse Massage Book/DVD, and then to enroll in the Weekend Seminar from the Courses page. If you’d like to have a practitioner come work on your horse, go to Find a Certified Practitioner to find someone near you. Questions? Contact us!

Horsemanship Magazine, UK

The Big Interview: Winter 2017

Yarck, Australia: Advanced 5-Day November 25-29, 2019 with Jim Masterson

The Barrel Horse News

The 411 on TMJ: December 2013

The Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar

Beyond Horse Massage Book: June 2012