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A Personal Journey Towards Understanding a Whole-Horse Approach to Health and Soundness

By Becky Tenges, Advanced Instructor ~ If someone had told me five years ago that I would start a second career as an equine bodyworker, after having already retired from a very successful first career as an investment banker, I would have told them they were nuts and, furthermore, I would likely have told them that bodywork for horses was an unnecessary extravagance at best and a ridiculous waste of money at worst. But,

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Are You Listening To What Your Horse’s Body Is Telling You?

How often have you overheard someone says something like, “My horse does just fine picking up the canter lead in one direction, but it's a little more difficult going the other way. He throws his head when I ask, and it just feels a little rougher.” or, “My horse makes such a drama about putting on and off his bridle. He throws his head straight up and acts like it's the end of the

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Living with Gravity: Posture and the Stomatognathic System

By: Karen Gellman, DVM, PhD ~ Equine dental specialists have long been aware of the anecdotal connection between good dental care and athletic performance. In some cases of dental pathology, horses can show obvious signs of mouth discomfort while being ridden or driven, including head-tossing, bit avoidance, and teeth-grinding. These behaviors, often alleviated by the equine dentist, are assumed to be the cause of the horse’s poor performance. Post-dentistry, the difficulty in picking up

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