Advanced 5-Day Logistical Information

The Advanced 5-Day is set up a little differently then the Beyond Horse Massage Seminar-Workshop. On the Advanced 5-Day course we will be carpooling each day to a different performance-based barn. Rarely, do we go back to the same barn twice. You will be receiving a list of barns closer to the start of the course.


Please do NOT book your flight until you receive confirmation from our office that we have reached our minimum number of participants and we can go forward with the course. If you book your flight BEFORE receiving confirmation that the course will take place, we will not be held responsible for any fees incurred on cancelling your flight.


Your registration for the Advanced 5-Day is secured once we receive your registration form and payment in full.  If you are having trouble with the registration process, please email .

Lodging and Transportation

We encourage participants to stay at the same hotel for carpooling purposes. As soon as the course is confirmed you will receive an email from our office that will include a hotel recommendation where you can make your reservations. If there is a chain of hotels you prefer or if you live close to the barn locations, you are welcome to meet us at the barns each day.  We have a local host for the course who will handle any specific logistical questions pertaining to your stay. We will be sending all this information once the course registration is closed.

Meals and Snacks

We plan to go to a different barn every day during the week, although logistically some courses will return to the same barn. Often, the barns are located in rural areas.  We encourage students to bring their own water and snacks and a bag lunch each day.  Please plan that the night before so you can meet at the barn on time and be ready to start.  Often the group likes to meet for dinner at a local restaurant a couple times a week.

Preparing for the Advanced 5-Day

The prerequisite for attending this course is to have completed the online Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course. This is a required course for attending the Advanced 5-Day course. Students who have attended a Weekend Seminar receive this online course for a discounted rate.  If you have not already purchased the online course, please contact the office for the coupon code to receive the discount.  The online Home Study Course is in English. If this is an  issue for you, please contact Jo Bartruff, course liaison, at .  Also, we encourage you to review your Beyond Horse Massage book and DVD prior to attending. It will also help if you can practice the fundamental techniques on horses as much as possible before attending.