2021 Newsletters

Image 10-16-21 at 8.10 AM

Jim at Equitana, MMCPs in the Newspaper, MMCP Demos, New Podcast


Jim, Mark and Dianne at Arroyo Grande, Celebrating Five new MMCPs, MMCP Demos

annabelle saddled

Annabelle's Outfit, Bodywork blogs, How a Horse Jumps, and News from Here and There.


All the Pony Club ``doings``, Leona Dushin donations, MMCPs in the News

MJSteve (1)

Two Certification Courses, Travel, Colorado Collaborative and Brain Clinics

Annabelle summer clipping, Stories from MMMRT, 2 Podcasts, UK/EU new MMCPs, Gretchen Deane

Arizona Certification, Pony Club Festival coming up, Overseas Courses, WHOA Podcast,

NEW Masterson Method CUPS; Jim flies For Bodywork; It's Not all Physical; Missing Kait

jim laughing

Overseas info; Interviews with Jim; German translation

Cheyenne WY Oct 2day 2020

Covid Update; Jim's Sleigh Ride; A Day with Mules

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Jim's travels; Membership Videos; Social Media Update

2020 Newsletters

``A Mind Like Still Water`` documentary pre-sales; Membership launched

Facebook Live, Thanksgving Day Sale, Warwick Schiller Testimonial

Jim's Bodywork, Letter from Finland, ``What to do with Fidgeting? video``

Jim at home, Jo the artist, Diane's accomplishments

Upcoming New Online Education Courses, Videos on the MMES Program

Jim's travels, Collaborative Clinic, Mystery Lameness, Upcoming Membership

Facebook Live, Cutting Horse program, Kentucky Equitana

Facebook Live on Head Shy Issues, Student Testimonial, & German Article

Veterinarian Testimonial, Confident Rider Podcast Interview, 30% Discount, & 2nd Facebook Live

COVID-19 Update, Dental Visit, & Facebook Live Event

An Amazing Video, New Instructors, Masterson Method Mobile Response Team

Coffee with Annabelle and Jeremiah, midwest meet up, don't risk depo