Lucie x Lingote

The Modern Rider

Guest Interview: Lucie Creholet interviews Jim Masterson about The Masterson Method® and focuses on patience, softness, active listening, and most importantly, relaxation.

The Modern Rider, Episode #68

Aired June 8, 2024

Karen Rohlf Dressage Naturally portrait

Dressage Naturally with Karen Rohlf

Guest Interview: Karen Rohlf interviews Jim Masterson about The Masterson Method®, recorded March 28, 2024

Horse Training in Harmony podcast, Episode 189


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Equine Affaire Interview

Guest Interview: Jim Masterson, recorded December 7, 2023

YouTube Interview with Britta from Equine Affaire


Masterson Square episode - 21

The Herd is Calling Podcast

Guest Podcast: Jim Masterson, recorded September 24, 2023

Video Podcast on My Horse Journey website:

Guest Podcast with Jim Masterson

Audio only recordings:

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Feelin’ Fine Equine with Morgan Stephens, CERP

Morgan Stephens interviews Jim Masterson, aired March 1, 2023

Beyond Massage with Jim Masterson

also on Apple Podcast

Photo of Daniel with bits, bridles and a horse

Adult Onset Horsemanship Podcast Episode 23

Daniel Dauphin interviews Jim Masterson, December 2022

Adult Onset Horsemanship Podcast


Stable Connections The Podcast Episode 61

Shonna Berk interviews Jim Masterson, November 2022

Stable Connections The Podcast


Cowboy Up Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1

Interview with Jim Masterson, Bodywork for Horses, July 2022

Apple Podcast


Athletic Equestrian with Sally Batton, Episode #64

Interview with Jim Masterson, Riding in College Series May 2022

Apple Podcast/Spotify



Equine Voices with Ronnie King

Interview with Jim Masterson, The Masterson Method: December 2021




Jim Masterson Quote TWE Podcast

The Willing Equine with Adele Shaw

September 2021

Episode 49: Listening To Your Horse with Jim Masterson


Amateur Hour: An Equestrian Podcast

August 2021

Season 3, Episode 13: Jim Masterson Episode


EquiTheory with Jill Treece: Featuring Jim Masterson of The Masterson Method®

June 2021

Episode 85: Body Work, Brain Work, Bond Work – An Interview with Jim Masterson


Working from the Inside Out – Finesse Equestrian with Ellie O’Brien

April 2021

A Mind Like Still Water – An Interview with Jim Masterson and Dylan Silver


Take the Reins Podcast with Nikki Porter

April 2021

Episode 63: Interview with Jim Masterson and Dylan Silver


Making Milestones with Shelby Dennis

March 2021

Massage for Equine Health & Wellbeing: An Interview with Jim Masterson


Come Along For The Ride with Tracy Malone

March 2021

Jim Masterson: The Masterson Method


The Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller

March 2021

Episode 33: Jim Masterson


Mirror in the Stall with Amber Lydic

March 2021

Episode 22: Jim Masterson

Image 12-4-21 at 7.38 PM

Farrier Focus Podcast

February 2021

Interview with Jim Masterson


John Harrer – The WHOA Podcast

December 2020

Jim Masterson Explains His Method

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See’rs, Be-er’s, Knowers and Doers – Heather Drummond

November 2020

Doubt the Doubt and How Just Doing What You’re Told is So Important


Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou

August 2020

Jim Masterson on BHP Podcast


The Confident Rider Podcast with Jane Pike

April 2020

The Masterson Method: Relaxation, Relationship & Relieving Tension With Your Horse

Horse Chats image

Horse Chats

October 2018

 Interview with Jim Masterson

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Patrick King Horsemanship

August 2018

Talking About Horses Live, Episode #33 with Jim Masterson

Ann Twinney snip

Anna Twinney

February 2014

Anna Twinney Interview with Jim Masterson

Person showing the Rugby Position, Down and Forward

Rick Lamb

May 2013

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

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Stable Scoop

May 2011

Stable Scoop Episode 145