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A Breakthrough DIY Method for Dog Massage to Relieving Soreness and Achieving Connection.

We all want our dogs to live pain free, and we all want ways to connect with them. The Masterson Method® is an interactive approach to dog massage. You learn to follow and use the dog’s responses to your touch to find and release tension in the dog’s body.  It is easy to use and results oriented. That means that you see the results in the dog’s responses during the bodywork, and in his behavior, comfort, and movement afterward.

In contrast to traditional dog massage, The Masterson Method works with the dog’s nervous system and the dog actively participates in the process. It is something you do with the dog, rather than to the dog. This participation and interaction are what make the method fulfilling for those who use it and transformational for the dog.

The Beyond Dog Massage book was published in 2023.  It is the ideal instructional guide for all those seeking a better quality of life for their dogs.  The Masterson Method opens new doors to better communication and a more meaningful relationship.

Click here to watch a video of Jim talking about the value of The Masterson Method with Dogs.

Beyond Dog Massage Canine Courses

Start your journey with the Beyond Dog Massage Read and Release Online Course.  And learn from the comfort of your home!

In this course, students will learn to recognize and use the dog’s visual responses to their touch to find and release tension. Students will observe instructor demonstrations and work directly with their instructor one-on-one.  Learning is enhanced by observing other students working with their dogs.

The techniques taught in the Read and Release course will help you improve your dog’s mobility and comfort while creating a deeper connection with your dog.

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Beyond Dog Massage Book

Your learning begins here. The Beyond Dog Massage book will give you step by step instruction in the foundational Masterson Method techniques that will deepen your sense of feel and connection with your dog.  The Masterson Method is an interactive approach to dog massage that follows and uses responses of the dog to your touch to find and release tension in areas of his body that affect:

  • His ability to get around.
  • His physical and mental well-being.
  • The quality of and length of his life.
  • His connection with you and other humans and animals.

Order your Beyond Dog Massage book and receive your free behind-the-scenes video. Watch Jim in action and get a head start with your dog.


Increase mobility, performance and comfort by restoring muscular and structural balance, and natural alignment.


Help relieve discomfort by using light touch and movement techniques to release tension throughout your dog’s body.


Connect on a deeper level with your dog. Deepen your bond, communication, and connection with your dog.

How It Works

The techniques used in The Masterson Method rely on reading and following the subtle changes in the dog’s body language as you work with him. Once you learn to read his body language, you will be “on the same page” and communication is established. Your dog recognizes that you understand what his body language is saying, that there is no threat to his well-being, and that he feels better when you work with him. In the Beyond Dog Massage Book you will learn the steps to incorporating The Masterson Method in your dog’s life, bringing happiness to both of you.

Photo of owner holding a dog's leg forward to release the scapula while the dog is standing.
Photo of Jim lightly touching relaxed dog with the words Less is more, and Jim's signature.

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“Love him as much as he loves you. 

Help keep him pain free and happy. 

No drugs.  No vet bills”

~ Weda Boolos