Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

The Masterson Method®


Improve performance, communication and your relationship with the horse.

The Masterson Method® is a unique, interactive method of equine bodywork that anyone can learn, to help build trust with the horse. Years of stress and stiffness can often be resolved in a few sessions, by relieving built-up tension in core muscles and key junctions of the body that affect the horse’s performance.

With The Masterson Method®, you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to find and release tension. In contrast to traditional massage, it works with the horse’s nervous system and the horse actively participates in the process. It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction are what makes the method fulfilling for those who use it and transformational for the horse. Testimonial after testimonial describe radically improved performance, movement, behavior, and relationship with the owner, as a result of The Masterson Method®.

Click here to watch a video of Jim talking about the value of The Masterson Method.

Weekend Courses

Start the journey here. The Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Course will give you hands-on-hands training in foundational Masterson Method techniques that will deepen your sense of feel and connection with your horse.

We offer Weekend Courses around the globe. Click below to find out what goes on at a Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Course and find one you would like to attend!

“I found the clinic to be one of the best I’ve ever attended. The material was presented in a straightforward, clear manner, easy for a layperson to understand. I was totally fascinated. It has turned me from skeptical into a real believer. It was wonderful to watch an expert get results but to find that I too could get results was even more exciting.”

~ Linda Upton

Free Educational Videos

Looking to build a deeper connection with your horse?  Videos provide an easy access to experience The Masterson Method in motion.  You can watch and start using the techniques at home right away

Bodywork Blog

Go deeper in The Masterson Method.  Take a journey towards understanding how the teachings work and how they relate to the whole horse.  Jim shares his insights into the cutting edge of equine bodywork.


Thousands of people’s horses and lives have been changed after learning, The Masterson Method.  These gentle, effective techniques strengthen the bond and communication between you and your horse.

“Jim’s breakthrough but simple concepts are all focused on helping the horse to relieve tension, feel more comfortable and improve their relationships with owners and handlers. Sharing The Masterson Method® educational content is a wonderful benefit for Absorbine customers.”  ~ Amy Cairy, director of marketing for W. F. Young, manufacturers of Absorbine products