What We Offer

Equine Bodywork Courses for every horse owner – from Weekend Seminars to the Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Course.

The Masterson Method has changed horse and owner relationships around the globe. Horses are able to release deep seated tension within the body, with a gentle touch. The Masterson Method equine bodywork courses teach you how to work with your horse, not on your horse. The Masterson Method can help improve mobility and performance. Don’t wait to try this with your horse! Start at home with the Beyond Horse Massage Book and DVD, a prerequisite to the Weekend Seminar.

Deepen your connection with your horse, by tuning in to their subtle responses to help them release tension. Transform your relationship with your horse by learning The Masterson Method foundational techniques in a Weekend Seminar.

Each of the Masterson Method equine bodywork courses program is set to make the most out of every course. Every horse owner will benefit from the Weekend Seminar. If you’re interested in furthering your Masteron Method equine bodywork knowledge Advanced 5-day Course is available. For those who want to start their own Masterson Method equine bodywork business, the Field Work and Masterson Method Certified Practitioner courses are your next step.

Masterson Method Equine Bodywork Program

Zandbergen, Belgium: Nov 30-Dec 1, 2019 with Lucie Klaassen

Step 1

The Weekend Seminar is for any horse owner or handler. The seminar gives you the tools to help you work with your horse to relieve tension and connect more deeply. No knowledge of anatomy or physical strength is required. You’ll leave wishing you had taken this seminar sooner.

Sandy Watsonville

Step 2

Horses in your care will benefit further by your participation in the Advanced 5-Day Course. You will become more adept at The Masterson Method equine bodywork techniques that will help relieve your horse’s stress and build stronger human-horse relationships.


Step 3

Become proficient in The Masterson Method equine bodywork techniques and equine anatomy through coaching, mentorship and casework with horses. This commitment is the next step toward becoming a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner.


Step 4

Work with Jim Masterson to complete your certification process and launch your Masterson Method equine bodywork business.

Putting It All Together


Jim’s goal was to develop an equine massage school that would provide a systematic method that would make a difference in the horse, make a difference for the owner and trainer, and to make a difference in equine therapist’s business. It’s all about results. If you can get an improvement in performance, movement and comfort in the horse, they’ll call you back.

More Masterson Trainings & Clinics

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Horses that serve in equine-assisted learning or therapy programs can be challenged in different ways than performance horses, both physically and psychologically. This application of The Masterson Method is focused entirely on these horses and their needs.

Mark and Jim-bodywork-training

What is better than taking your horse to see one amazing equine clinician? Taking your horse to see TWO!  Join Jim Masterson with another equine expert at a combined clinic. Get insight into your horse’s movement, behavior and performance issues from a bodywork/biomechanics and training perspective.

Jim Masterson at a demo

Join us at an expo or demo to see practical Masterson Method techniques that you can bring home and use on your horses. Find a horse expo to come meet Jim and watch demonstrations of Masterson Method techniques. Check your local area for a Masterson Method demonstration by one of our Certified Practitioners.

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Hosting a Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop at your facility is one of the most rewarding experiences you can share with friends, family, and horse lovers from any discipline. Horses used during the clinic always appreciate a weekend of Masterson Method® bodywork!