Hands Online: Bodywork Session Reviews with Jim

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How does Jim deal with different horses he works with, and the variety of issues that they have? In this Library of Hands Online Bodywork Session Reviews you can see first-hand how Jim works with 16 horses, and hear his follow-up Q&A with the Hands Online Membership in 2021. With the use of slow-motion, Jim highlights the nuance of this subtle bodywork.

You’ll receive several bonus videos when you purchase this library—

  • A bonus case study call where Jim discusses a few horses with interesting performance or behavioral issues
  • Two step-by-step instruction videos on how to perform the Sacrum Float and Hyoid Release techniques
  • Five bonus videos of Jim doing live bodywork sessions over Facebook

That’s over 30 videos in total! These videos are available to anyone interested in improving their bodywork, whether you’re new to The Masterson Method® or a seasoned practitioner.


Sample Clip of One Bodywork Session Review with Jim

The Library of Bodywork Session Reviews includes horses from a wide variety of breeds and disciplines: barrel racing, harness racing, endurance, trail riding, dressage, eventing, ranch work, and more. They include interesting case studies, such as horses with mystery hind-end issues, recovering from EPM (a neurological disease), laminitis, sacroiliac (SI) joint issues, and more.

Here’s what one viewer shared:

It helped me a lot to see how Jim works with all different kind of horses with different reactions, to see the “manipulations” done in practice (spiced with jokes). So stimulating to go on helping other horses around me, I feel really blessed to be able to learn and practice your technique Jim.

Take advantage of this opportunity to watch Jim work and review his own techniques, using slow-motion replays to highlight the nuance of this subtle bodywork, along with the informative and often (sometimes) humorous answers to questions brought up by his viewers.

If you have attended a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar or Equine Specialist Course or have enrolled in the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, we encourage you to also check out the Hands Online Technique Breakdowns Library.

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