Hands Online: Expert Hour Topics

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Our worldwide community of Masterson Method Certified Practitioners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise around topics that are critical to the horse’s welfare and relevant to the Masterson Method bodywork. In these recordings, they address their specific expertise and relate it to The Masterson Method bodywork.

Twelve (12) topics covered include Equine Dental Health and TMJ Alignment, Tack Fit, Hoof Balance, How Horses Show Pain, Suppling Exercises and Masterson Techniques, the Hyoid Apparatus, Staying Soft from the Horse’s Perspective, and more (see the full listing of topics and practitioners below). In addition, you’ll receive five bonus videos of Jim doing live bodywork sessions over Facebook when you purchase this library!


Sample Clip of One Expert Hour Recording

The Library of Expert Hour Topics provides a wealth of information and perspective on topics related to equine bodywork and welfare. These Certified Practitioners and guest speakers shared their special expertise:

  1. The Hyoid Apparatus of the Horse, with Becky Tenges
  2. New Ways to SEE Your Horse, with Beckie Haynes
  3. Strategies for Staying Soft from the Horse’s Point of View, with Coralie Hughes
  4. Suppling Exercises and Masterson Method Techniques for Your Horse, with Sandy Vreeburg and Jec Ballou (author, trainer)
  5. Equine Dental Health, TMJ Alignment, and Whole Body Balance, with Gretchen Deane
  6. The Interplay Between Bodywork and Tack Fit, with Murielle Richard-Price
  7. Feet and the Horse’s Body from a Barefoot Trimmer’s Perspective, with Carla Ball
  8. True Connection and Bodywork, with Lucie Klaassen
  9. Listening to Longears, with Loni Langdon
  10. How Horses Show Pain, with Diane Howard
  11. Listening Through Touch, How Horses and Humans in Equine-Assisted Service Programs are Connecting with The Masterson Method, with Lise Lunde, Brenda Thompson, and Katie Fallon (EAS founder/president)
  12. Softening the Horse and Human Through Light to the Core Techniques, with Lori Hoppe and Sandy Vreeburg

Here’s what one viewer shared:

I really value the Hands Online Library presentations by certified practitioners (MMCPs). Seeing how they make the techniques their own, hearing them describe their struggles with a technique and/or a horse, suggestions to help with feel and timing, all of this helped me tremendously.

The Library is available to anyone interested in learning more about the Masterson Method and their horse’s welfare. If you have attended a Masterson Method Weekend Course or Equine Specialist Course or have enrolled in the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, we encourage you to also check out the Hands Online Technique Breakdowns Library.

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