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Willimasville, Vermont, United States

Gretchen Deane specializes in working with horses to restore balance, relaxation, and range of motion to the whole body, combining complete dental alignment of the TMJ with bodywork. She is also dedicated to working in collaboration with owners, trainers, bodyworkers, farriers, veterinarians, businesses and any interested individuals, to continually improve our relationship with the horse. She pursues ongoing education in equine anatomy, biomechanics, and neuromuscular concepts, along with a wide variety of horsemanship skills, regular riding practice and methods to improve wellness. Gretchen rode high-level Showjumpers and various other performance horses as a professional for many years, is a Certified Practitioner of The Masterson Method®, a current student of Spencer LaFlure’s school for Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry™, and also trained through The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.

Gretchen became a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner in 2016, and currently offers her services across the Northeast and beyond, from her home base in Williamsville, VT. She finds that The Masterson Method® continually changes all aspects of her horsemanship and seems to positively affect all horses and people involved. Gretchen has found The Masterson Method® to be especially useful for clarifying communication, evaluating whole body balance, transforming problems into information, finding better relaxation, releasing tension, improving range of motion, elevating wellness and performance, and bettering the horse-human relationship.

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Phone: 802-258 8827

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