Bridget has loved horses all her life. Her horse career started by working in exchange for lessons during college. That led to a job offer at a lesson/boarding/training barn. She continued to look for opportunities to pursue her passion and spend more time with horses and worked part-time at a Morgan Breeding Farm/Stallion Station and also worked as an exercise rider at a Quarter Horse Racing Barn. She spent 17 years as the Horse Program Director at a group home for teenage girls and it was there that she was first introduced to The Masterson Method®. After seeing a demonstration at the MN Horse Expo she had a one day clinic at the group home. She was so impressed with the horses’ responses to the work and the therapeutic benefits for the girls that she knew she wanted to pursue certification. She was drawn to The Masterson Method® because of the softness of the work and the fact that the horse participates and has a voice in the process. She is committed to being a student of the horse, constantly learning and growing. She enjoys working on varying breeds of horses across the disciplines. Bridget is available in NC and SC, occasionally makes visits to MN.

Contact Information
Columbus, North Carolina, United States