Cynthia holds an International Business Degree from The George Washington University. After working, getting married, raising her four children, and acquiring her first horse, she ventured down a new path of equine therapy education. She is certified as a Masterson Method® practitioner, in micro-current therapy from Deborah Powell, in English saddle fit from Mike Scott and has a Hoof Level One certification from Wendy Murdoch creator of Equine SUREFOOT® Stability Pads. Additionally, she has attended Ivana Ruddock’s whole Horse dissection.

Cynthia has practiced yoga for over 17 years, and has two certifications in yoga instruction, including studying under Bryan Kest (  She has used homeopathy for over 25 years in caring for her family and animals working closely with both homeopathic and acupuncture physician, Dr. Martin Keane, and homeopathic veterinarian, Dr. Gerald Wessner. In addition to using the modalities listed above, she uses LED laser, cold laser, essential oils, and emotion code when listening to horses and other animals in facilitating healing.

She has also been a dealer for Stance Equine products for six years as well as Medicine Bag Complete, a fantastic, balanced mineral supplement for horses and other animals. She knows the importance that nutrition plays in the well-being of all sentient beings and is vigilant in providing non-GMO whole foods to her family and animals. She has always had a special bond with animals and is blessed to live on a farm with her husband and horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, parrots, geese, ducks and chickens.

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Tampa, Florida, United States