I am a lifelong horse person, inheriting the obsession from my grandmother and father who gave me an early taste at just 2 years old. Over time, I have been active in hunters, dressage, ranch riding, competitive trail and currently, eventing. Prior to my journey into equine bodywork, I was fortunate to be involved in the horse community in many different areas, as a rider & competitor, a developing executive with Ariat® boots, a local and regional leader in the United States Pony Clubs, and (my most difficult role!) a mom cheering from the rail. Running through all of these experiences is a passion to help humans and horses connect and grow together, and I especially enjoy exploring new approaches and innovative products that can improve their relationship.

It was through Pony Club that I saw my first demonstration of The Masterson Method® and was drawn in completely. It was profound how such a quiet, light technique could produce an undeniable connection and impact in the horse, as well as how the Practitioner adapted her work based on what the horse was “telling” her. Truly an “a-ha moment” that made a lasting impression. When the last of 3 kids headed off to college, an empty nest provided the perfect opportunity to pursue certification. Every day I am thankful to be able to help improve the health, comfort & well-being of so many horses, and their people. I combine my Masterson training with a wide range of professional education in applied anatomy, nutrition, farriery, saddle fit and stable management. This combination allows me to take a “whole horse” approach to assist owners with uncovering primary issues that may be behind their partner’s discomfort or diminished performance.

I travel the greater Austin, Texas area and enjoy working with all horses, whether competitive athletes or pets, with a soft spot for the off–track Thoroughbred and their transition from racing life.


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Dripping Springs, Texas, United States