From a very small person I always knew my destiny was to work in the horsey world. It has taken me many years, but here I am doing my heart’s desire owning and working with horses. 

I now own 2 horses, one is a rescue, and it was through trying to work out her needs that I learnt of the amazing Masterson Method®. It has been a game changer, all of a sudden I was building a connection with my horse at the same time as helping her physical needs. My new heart’s desire is to help as many horses as possible and to encourage their owners to build good solid relationships with their own horses.

My learning is on-going and my intention is to attend the MMES course when it is next in the UK, so as to enhance my working knowledge to pass on to horse, owner and anyone who can benefit from being in the company of horses.

Contact Information
Newcastleton, United Kingdom