Lorre was born and raised on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. She was riding horses by the age of 5 and had her own horse by the age of 10. Like so many of us, life takes us away from our beloved horses, but thank God we manage to find our way back to them. Having a life with horses again has taken her in a direction she never saw coming…healing. Lorre has 5 horses of her own and one in particular, Ditti, is the reason Lorre started on this bodywork path. Living in Texas for 9 years, she began with a course in myofascial release, hoping to find some relief for Ditti. Next, came a certification in sports massage. However, none of the pieces really seemed to fit together until discovering The Masterson Method®. The keys for Lorre were the “lightness” of The Masterson Method® (less is more) and the participation of the horses. The Masterson Method® has brought the bodywork to a whole new level. With the participation of the horse in the process, Lorre has learned she is merely the facilitator. She is working “with the horse” not “on the horse”. The last 3 years of her life in Texas were spent studying osteopathy and becoming a certified Equine Osteopath (Sept 2014). Jim says that many osteopaths he has met think The Masterson Method® is as close to osteopath in its techniques as you can get…Lorre agrees. Lorre has worked on a wide range of horses: dressage, reining, barrel racers, and combined drivers and of course our favorite… backyard horses.

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Smithville, Texas, United States