Katherine Bartlett has been involved with horses since she was a child, despite the fact that her parents were not horse people and were mystified by her fascination with them. She spent her teenage years working at a series of dressage and eventing barns where she learned about many aspects of horsemanship. She continued to ride while attending Cornell University where she majored in biology and met her husband.

They moved to Pennsylvania and bought a farm and were able to have more horses. One of the horses she bought was a sensitive filly who did not respond well to conventional training methods, but blossomed with an approach based on positive reinforcement. When it became obvious that her mare had some physical reasons for her aggressive behavior and crankiness, Katie set out to learn more about how to help her. As she learned more about bodywork, she realized that often horses cannot do what we ask because of pain or physical limitations and that learning how to address both the physical and mental aspects of training was very important. She learned Equine Touch and was looking for more educational opportunities when she found The Masterson Method®.

Learning The Masterson Method® gave her a way to help her own horses and the changes she saw in them inspired her to become certified so she could help other horses. She continues to ride and train her own horses for dressage, light jumping and trail riding and works on horses in and around Southeastern PA.

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Elverson, Pennsylvania, United States