Fredericka’s story begins like so many other equine bodyworkers. She was trying to help a horse. In 2011 her daughter’s horse, Flynn, came to her with a large, arthritic knee. Several months later he fell and fractured a stifle joint. Fredericka called in two large veterinarians, a veterinarian who specialized in lameness, an equine massage therapist, and a chiropractor. It wasn’t until the chiropractor blamed Flynn’s limited range of motion, tripping, unwillingness to move off the leg, and heavy transitions as him being a rotten horse who needed an attitude adjustment. She knew then that this horse was misunderstood and needed more from her. Fredericka’s search, thankfully, landed her at the doorstep of The Masterson Method!

“During the certification process, I have gained a deeper appreciation for all that the horse gives to us even when he is asked to work without the ability to release long-accumulated stiffness and tension. It is my honor to work with horses from all disciplines whether they earn their keep as a high-level performer, a lesson horse, or a retired, backyard friend.

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