In 2020, Catherin re-connected with her love of horses by working at a Quarter Horse farm in Alberta. She realized how much she missed working with these magnificent creatures and began a learning journey to understand and provide help for horses of all ages and conditions. 

Originally trained as a physical therapist for humans, her skill sets easily transferred to the equine environment. This has allowed Catherin to identify physical imbalances and behavioral issues emanating from physical, emotional, or mental problems in horses. One particular horse, Dallas, did not wish to be touched as trust in humans had been lost. Trying to find a solution for this beautiful animal, it led Catherin to study the Masterson Method® in 2020.  She learned to do the Bladder Meridian Technique from a distance, leading Dallas to learn to trust people and be touched again. Dallas also learned that this type of touch was not painful and helped him release tension in his body, thereby making him more comfortable. 

In September 2023, Catherin became a certified MMCP. Under ‘The Equine Bodyworker’ she offers her service in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

Catherin’s passion is to see the bigger picture of the whole horse, and by utilizing the Masterson Method® techniques, she believes in bringing a valuable treatment option to horses and their owners that will support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Catherin loves to co-operate with all other equine professionals by working in a team environment helping the horse and owner/rider to optimize their performance – especially in the world of equine competition. She sees a huge value by collaborating with horse trainers, riding instructors, bodyworkers, and owners to create a plan with daily exercises and routines thereby improving the horse’s and rider’s performance. 

Contact Information
Calgary, Alberta, Canada