Daniela’s journey to Masterson Certification began in the small German village where she was born. From a young age, Daniela had a deep connection to all animals, including horses. Even with little opportunity for hands-on experience with horses, she knew that animals and caring for them in all aspects would be a part of her life.

Moving to the United States at the age of 20 started a new chapter, including a husband, a corporate career, and the horse she bought shortly after beginning riding lessons. Caring for her equine partner became her focus and passion.

With her characteristic curiosity and not content to just “be a passenger”, Daniela began to delve deeply into horsemanship and horse care – understanding equine physiology and biomechanics, the horse as an athlete, and appreciating the partnership between horse and rider. She began to apply her interests in holistic health to her horse’s behavior, movements, nutrition, and conditioning. And, in order to help her equine partner maintain optimum well-being and balance, Daniela deepened her studies of equine nutrition, myofascial and therapeutic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, Reiki/Energy healing, meditation practice, body-awareness and other complimentary therapies.

Always viewing the horse as a partner, The Masterson Method® certification program complemented Daniela’s strong belief in a holistic, “big picture” point of view of equine wellness and performance and to always put the horse first.

A rider herself (pursuing classical and Western dressage), Daniela experiences the benefits of Masterson’s therapies in her horse every day. She credits the horses as her greatest teachers.

Whatever the discipline or circumstance, from backyard ponies to elite athletes, Daniela is helping as many horses as possible have a pain free, happy life and allow them to excel as athletes. Her focus is an integrative approach combining all she has been taught by these magnificent animals.