Horses came into Jennifer’s life at a time when she was looking to unplug from city life. One riding lesson a week turned into two, which turned into leasing a horse… you get the picture. But something was still missing. Jennifer was interested in finding other means of building a relationship with her horse, spending time with her, and possibly even relieving all the tension she felt she was surely putting into her horse as she learned to gradually improve her riding. And that’s when she found The Masterson Method®.

The Masterson Method® is a technique of lightness, and Jennifer is fascinated that something as simple as the blink of the horse’s eye can be the horse’s body telling her there is something there that he needs help with. This communication between horse and practitioner during bodywork was the missing link she’d been searching for. Unlike a traditional massage, the horse actively participates in the process, it’s not something “done to” the horse.

As a certified practitioner in Masterson Method Integrated equine bodywork, Jennifer uses gentle techniques to release stress and accumulated tension in the horse, thus improving performance, range of motion, suppleness, and overall comfort in the horse. Jennifer has also completed training in and utilizes myofascial release techniques and kinesiology taping in her practice.

Personally, Jennifer sees herself as a lifelong learner when it comes to the horse. She’s taken lessons in jumping, western pleasure, showmanship, groundwork, and most recently she’s been pursuing dressage. In addition to regular riding lessons, Jennifer has participated in clinics in Centered Riding, dressage, and reading the horse. And, of course, there is much more she plans to pursue!

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