Jennifer loves owning and showing American Saddlebreds in the discipline of Saddle seat. However, as repetitive issues came up about her horse’s well-being, she began researching a way to find the true cause rather than continue treating symptoms.

As a runner she is intimately aware of the importance of a “body in motion” and recognizes that regular bodywork helps keep her on pace.  She has married her athletic experience & knowledge into her passion for horses and has opened a new door to something she truly loves.

She is certified in Equine Massage Therapy from the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester but relies heavily on The Masterson Method򘶏 during sessions. It is her intention to not only release tension during sessions but offer owners/trainers insightful feedback of reaction points and restriction patterns that they may have another insight into the overall picture to work towards that horse’s best body in motion.

Whether you simply have questions about MM or are ready to book a session reach out to Jennifer today and start a conversation!

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Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States