My path to horse bodywork has been a circuitous one. I was obsessed with horses from a young age but didn’t have access to them and thought it was a hobby that I could never afford.

As an adult every year on my birthday I would rent a horse and go on a fabulous trail ride.   At 45 I decided I wanted more than a trail ride with a rental horse and it was time to follow this desire.

I went to a local Arab-breeding barn to volunteer.   The horses ranged in age from 2 to 25 years old.  The barn riders were preparing for a 100-mile ride across the top of the Sierras (The Western States Trail Ride, aka The Tevis).  It was an unbelievable  opportunity to work with young horses on the ground and to support serious long distance riders, learn about horse nutrition, conditioning and learn to ride. Nothing like a 35mile ride in the Sierras at 105 degrees to get your heart pumping!

When I walked in the gate that first day to introduce myself, I was met by curious, kind horses and my first inclination was to put my hands on them.  I wasn’t’ even that interested in riding – I just wanted to be with them, stand next to them and put my hands on them.  I felt immediately at home and I could not wait to see them again, I found myself at the barn every day before going to work.

I began studying equine bodywork and completed a local course but was left with a feeling that something was missing. I wasn’t sure what it was – thought maybe I just didn’t have enough horse experience.  So, for a while I gave up and just worked on my horsemanship skills.  Then one day I came across the book BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE and I realized what had been missing: THE HORSE!

I bought the book and the next day took it with me to our barn.  As I approached the stalls, I met one of the riders who had hired a MM practitioner to work on her horse.  I could not believe the synchronicity of this.    I was mesmerized and once again drawn to study bodywork.  Masterson Method places the horse and the horses input to the bodywork as the primary focus.  We work with the horse, taking our cues about how and where to work from the horse.

As I grow in my practice of MM and go deeper into the work my understanding of the horse has become part of my everyday experience and it influences the way I connect with all creatures including the human ones.  The work, coupled with my continuing study of natural horsemanship has forever changed my interaction with our equine friends.  It’s part of my body now.

The Masterson Method® has given me tools to be a better human for the horse: I ride better, I listen better and I understand better.

I would love to show you how the work benefits your horse and how you can have a better relationship with your horse.   I can show you how to use the techniques to improve your communication with your horse and help him/her to move and feel better.

They will be grateful that you have learned to be a better listener.

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Berkeley, California, United States