In 20 years of horse experience, Janet has handled everything from drafts to Shetland ponies and, in her youth, would ride anything offered. She has enjoyed a variety of disciplines including jumping, barrel racing, endurance riding and competitive trail. These days her enjoyment comes from riding trails with her Arabian, Sirs Image, and seeing the results of her equine work.

Janet’s interest in bodywork began with participation in an equine myofascial release one-day workshop. There, Janet saw the power of the release a horse could experience with bodywork and the positive benefits. Her involvement with natural horsemanship had her looking for a modality that connected with the individual horse and that led her to the Masterson Method. As a dynamic, integrated program, it has the flexibility to adjust to an individual horse’s needs and to additional techniques from other modalities. It also uses the natural horsemanship concepts of feel and timing, and attentiveness to a horse’s subtle cues. With this Method, the horse is an equal partner in the work, instead of having to submit to the work.

Janet also is a Reiki master and has used the technique successfully in her work. She also is certified in equine sport massage.

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