Besides being a Masterson Method Practitioner, Erja is certified as a horse massage therapist in traditional massage techniques and sports massage. In addition, she applies shiatsu, myofascial release and craniosacral techniques for horses in her work. She can combine all these techniques according to your horse’s needs.

With the Masterson Method, Erja soon realized that it allows access to places deep within the tissues where some other modalities could never reach. The techniques used in The Masterson Method have proven powerful, long-lasting and effective. She loves this method because the horse is always an active participant in each session and you let the horse guide you to where he is holding tension. You are working with him and not on him. The Masterson Method encourages you to trust the horse’s responses, and also to respect if they can’t handle something at that moment.

One of the best things this method can teach is that sometimes the biggest breakthroughs happen through the gentlest touch. And sometimes it takes time. If restrictions are long-held, horses can block it. Especially with horses, whose past experience with people has been a lot of “Do’s and Dont’s,” when you give them your time and attention, and support them to relax and let go, – even if just by being there – it can mean a world.

By working within horses’ acceptance, by waiting and persisting until a way in can be found, and then adding some movement in a relaxed state – one can get amazing results. With this method, you can resolve both physical and emotional problems. In Erja’s opinion, this has a lot to do with trust. The horse can only be truly relaxed when he can trust you and your actions. And with relaxation comes all the good stuff, as well in treating horses as in schooling and riding them.

Erja’s own horses have seemingly enjoyed the Masterson Method journey alongside her. She has been able to help them through various problems, and ensure them pain-free, happy life. Her Finnhorse mare has given birth to a wonderful colt foal and is an amazing mother. The whole family warmly appreciates Jim Masterson and his work.

Erja is based in Salo, Finland and mainly works with horses, but also with other animals. Traveling to other locations can also be arranged.

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