Daina grew up in the small town of Jerome in southern Idaho. Her family first purchased a horse when Daina was about 8 years old and fell in love. Daina has been around horses ever since. Daina has spent summers riding horses and taking dudes on trail rides for several years. Seeing the work that those horses do every day and what they go through made her want to help them in some way. Daina was first introduced to the Masterson Method via a mutual friend and was instantly hooked when she saw the difference in that horse after a session. The weekend and the 5-day class were and even bigger hook for Daina. It was so amazing to see the difference in the horse. Daina plans on working on horses as much as possible while continuing her education on any and all horse related stress and pain releasing non-invasive methods for all horses. Happy Horse, Happy Ride!

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Jerome, Idaho, United States