After a long break from horses, when ‘life got in the way’, I found myself unexpectantly drawn back into the world of horses in my early 50’s. With age comes a changed outlook and a greater leaning towards self-preservation and that led me finally to ‘Tara’, 22yrs old, a Connemara who would look after me as my older body got used to the saddle. Together she and I learned the basics of dressage, groundwork and connection. As that connection deepened, I resolved to be a better rider for her and to learn how to make her life as comfortable as it could be in her advancing years.

The Masterson Method® videos were being shared on Facebook and I knew immediately, without considering any other courses on offer, that this was the direction I needed to go in. I signed up for a weekend seminar in 2019 and was forced to take the time I needed (by Covid), to mainly develop my practice of the basics on Tara, and with the help of a friends’ 2 ponies. By the time life was starting to get back to normal I was ready to progress through the rest of the program, practicing with all manner of horses and ponies and all shapes and sizes, all of them with something new to teach me. All the time I marvelled at how the system works and how much it can enhance the well-being of the horse.

I became a Certified Practitioner in May 2022. My aim is to spread the word about Masterson Method® and treat as many equines as I can so the method becomes well-known and the well-being of horses improved. I have found no better way to improve the bond with a horse and hope that others may follow the same path. Tara is still enjoying the benefits at age 28 and the level of trust between us develops day by day.

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