For as long as she can remember, Patricia has always had a passion for horses. After pestering her parents, she got her first pony at the age of six. And that was just the beginning, she has been surrounded by horses all her life.

Patricia has practiced several disciplines: jumping, dressage, trail riding, western performance, reining and TREC. She also bred Paint Horses and Quarter Horses. For around twenty years, she has been teaching western riding. But in all these areas, her priority has always been the horse’s well-being.

In the fall of 2011, she bought a horse to compete in reining. But nothing went as planned. She consulted numerous specialists, to no avail. Patricia then decided to follow training in nutrition, anatomy, biomechanics and hoof trimming. She understood her horse’s problems better but didn’t know how to help him.

She made an appointment with a bodyworker who practiced the Masterson Method®. This was the revelation. What convinced her? Her horse’s reactions through the session as well as the results obtained. She undertook the training and was certified in May 2024.

Patricia has finally found how to put the horse’s well-being as a priority. She treats both the competition horse and the family leisure horse. Each session is a silent conversation between the horse and her. Horses have given her a lot over the years and she can finally return the favor. She is the one who listens to the murmuring of the horses for their well being.

Contact Information
Champlain (Trois-Rivières), Quebec, Canada