I want anyone who reads this to know that becoming a Certified Practitioner of Masterson Method is the most precious gift I have ever received and I am forever grateful for Jim to share his knowledge with me and others. I feel centered and a sense of appreciation of the horse when I practice Masterson Method. Every yawn is unique and makes me smile!

I believe that horses are very intelligent, social creatures designed to graze, run and sleep. Although horses have been domesticated for a long time, the human predatory environment adds stress and tension to the horses as prey animals. My great passion is to help humans recognize, release and prevent unnecessary stress in horses. In addition, I help my Clients find optimal ways to interact and train their horses in a language that the horses understands but also promotes increased suppleness and relaxation. I love watching horse and riders get as excited as I do when they join up into a harmonized partnership.

My Clients include Horses and Humans:

  • I work with any type of breed and any type of discipline. The horses can be active competitors, used for pleasure, young and unstarted or older. Competition horses often excel after working with me and younger horses get a healthy start in life as they feel safe, calm and confident. On the contrary, older horses love the attention and live the remaining part of their lives with increased comfort.
  • My human Clients seek my help for a variety of reasons: some are stuck in their training and not progressing, their horse has developed tension and behavioral problems, or they want to experience a different way of working with their horse without force.

I believe that no single approach works for every horse and rider combination therefore I offer my Clients a multifaceted perspective of Energy, Psychology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physics and Chemistry as I work with both horses and humans. The approach I take is to:

  • Leverage the power of bodywork to help the horse recognize the feeling of physical and mental relaxation
  • Prioritize the horse’s psychology over the humans and help the human communicate more like a horse
  • Balance the horse and human evenly over center of mass
  • Coach rather than teach

My credentials include:

  • Masterson Method Certified Practitioner since 2015
  • Myofascial release Equine Course 1
  • Chris Irwin certified level 1
  • Student of Medical QiGong and Reiki
  • FEI level classical dressage rider endorsing following Equine professionals: Gerd Heuschmann, Mary Wanless, Chris Irwin, Manolo Mendez, Dr Deb Bennett
  • Endless of continuing education of reading, research and clinics
  • Project Management Institute: Certified Project Manager Professional
  • Project Management Institute: Agile Certified Practitioner
  • Masters and Bachelor of Business Administration
Contact Information
Birmingham, Alabama, United States