Diane has always loved horses. It wasn’t until after  raising her family, with  newfound time, that she was able to dive deep into developing her horsemanship.  She studied extensively with Elsa Sinclair, Andrea Wady and Andrea Datz.  These horsewomen were instrumental in helping Diane fine tune her feel and timing, enabling her to foster a deep connection with the horses she engages with.  A connection where horse and human share a voice.  

This became a perfect segue into her path of becoming an MMCP, where a key point is to work ‘with’ the horse rather than do ‘to’ the horse.   As Diane learned more about The Masterson Method®, it became clear that the healing art of equine bodywork was her path to having horses in her life.  The healing arts are not new for Diane, who has had a long pediatric nursing career. Since embarking on her journey to becoming an MMCP, she has worked with horses from all walks of life including backyard horses, rescue horses, lesson horses and ponies, therapeutic horses, hunter horses competing at local shows, grand prix jumpers and elite harness racers, to name a few.  It brings her great joy to help horses release accumulated tension and restriction, improving body suppleness and range of motion, thereby helping them to feel and be their very best.  

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Whiting, New Jersey, United States