All my life I have loved and cared for animals. As a child I had many animals in my care (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, cats, dogs). Early on, I became fascinated with horses and began riding at the age of 8. Horsemanship became a lifelong pursuit which is now more focused on building relationships with horses from the ground. Currently, I provide integrated equine services (including PEMF, saddle fit assessment, custom western fitting, and Masterson Method® bodywork). This business grew out of an early career at the Community Association for Rider’s with Disabilities, where I worked as an instructor, facilitator of their summer ridership program, and finally, as the Equestrian Assistant to the Executive Director. 

While at C.A.R.D, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York University in Toronto, where I was published in the field of Psychology and Literature. Following York, I attended George Brown College in Toronto, where I received the Dean’s Medal for the Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor/Advocate course. I worked in women’s shelters for many years as a counsellor, housing worker, and legal advocate. 

Because of my work at C.A.R.D. I became keenly aware of the importance of proper saddle fit for horse and rider. This awareness carried forward into my own stewardship of several, special needs horses, and ultimately, led me to Saddlefit4Life. At S4L, I was taught to rigorously assess the suitability of saddle fit for horse and rider through an ethical lens, and it was this focus on wellness that brought me to the Masterson Method®. Following certification, I was asked to join the MM education team as a Student Fieldwork Mentor for Blocks one and two. 

I am honoured to be an MMCP, and to be a part of the Masterson journey for the students I am so fortunate to work with, and who teach me in their turn. Finally, I am privileged to take up a life-long education in animal wellness; I am now pursuing an international diploma in Equine/Canine Osteopathy; a program that fits well with the Masterson and S4L methodologies. The possibilities to contribute to the field of animal well-being seem endless, and I am deeply excited for whatever is to come.

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