I live and breathe horses. I’m born and raised on a farm in the southern part of Sweden. My family breeds Swedish Warmbloods and Hollsteiner for showjumping and I compete up to 1,35m with some of them.

I love the interaction you get with a horse and every day I enjoy working with them. My passion for this incredible creature has led me to a holistic view of horse health and training.

My interest in the Masterson Method started when I realized my four-year-old gelding was very asymmetric around his pelvis. He had a bad fall and the muscles that originate around the pelvis (Tuber coxae) were torn. I wanted to do everything I could to help him and make his chain of muscles function as good as possible.

I was looking to find a type of bodywork other then massage and the MM was recommended to me by a vet in America. I found out there were courses you could attend in England so I started off 2011 and became a certified practitioner in 2013.

A lot has happened since then and after two years of study, I’m certified in Sweden as a consultant in preventative health care for horses. This includes a diploma in Genuine Swedish massage (deep tissue sports massage) in both horses and humans, certified Equipment coach, courses in equine anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, ethology, training physiology, pathology and riders impact on the horse. At the moment I’m studying shock wave, electrotherapy, and laser therapy. This means I can work in many different fields that have to do with horses

I have learned through my many cases that the techniques of the MM are very valuable tools for establishing trust and getting the horse to relax. It enables the horse to guide you by his subtle reactions to places in his body that are blocked, tense or sore. In that way, you can help him release tension and enhance the healing processes.

Whereas for my gelding, who is now at the age of 14, is still sound, happy and functions very well in intermediate level showjumping. I believe you can fix even serious problems if you can solve the whole puzzle for that specific horse.