Ellis Buis is an Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Myo-Fascial Release Therapist and is very happy and proud to be an MMCP since October 2019, and a coach of fieldwork students since Summer 2022. The Masterson Method® is the modality that connects all the other modalities, and has become her starting point for every treatment, with every kind of horse. She loves the experiences and beautiful moments she gets to share with horses, even the most sensitive or traumatized ones, who probably need the Masterson Method most.

Ellis has also picked up education to help riders with their own challenges. Working with the horse alone isn’t enough anymore. Guiding riders to get confidence, cope with fears and improve their balance and seat is an important way to help the horses as well to have a rich, varied and healthy life. For Ellis, centered riding and coaching using polyvagal theory are the main modalities to search for an improvement with the owner.

Teamwork in this triarchy (horse, owner, MMCP) is the way Ellis aims to make the horse world an even better place!


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