Unlike most horse lovers, my journey with horses did not start during my childhood. Only when my son started horse riding, I came in contact with these beautiful creatures. I fell in love with an Icelandic horse meant for my son.  Looking for ways to connect with her, I found out one of Jim’s videos on the bladder meridian, and that’s where I discovered the power of the Masterson Method®. I was amazed how it helped me to make a strong connection with my horse in a relaxed way.

My family and I moved from Belgium to South Africa for my husband’s job and I had to stop working as molecular biologist/researcher. In South Africa, I had time for my new passion, and I broadened and deepened my equine knowledge. I participated in the Masterson Method® weekend seminar in Johannesburg, and successfully completed the 5-day seminar and certification course in the UK. Besides that, my days were filled with a lot of horse related activities: horse riding lessons, equine studies (grooming, yard management, horsemanship), horse training on the ground, straightness training, anatomy courses– allowing to transform my passion into a new carrier. As equine bodyworker, I am motivated to help your horse to release tension and perform better.

Contact Information
Dainfern, Gauteng, South Africa