Megan grew up on a horse farm in New York and learned much about living and working with horses through her mother, the commissioner of their area US Pony Club. She loved training, competing, teaching and coaching in her childhood and teen years — helping both horses and their riders find the connection.

After a 25 year hiatus — filled with raising a family and deepening her understanding of the body — and movement-based therapies — she came upon The Masterson Method® and its use in equine-assisted learning and therapy programs. Having volunteered in several EAL/EFP programs and worked with people with disabilities in residential and school settings, this application of The Masterson Method® was what drew her in. She then pursued her certification as a Masterson Method practitioner, followed by her certification as a Masterson Method equine specialist.

Megan’s goal as a bodywork practitioner is to listen to horses and release any underlying physical issues to improve performance and well-being. As an equine specialist, she enjoys fostering awareness and the deep connection people find with horses through learning how to give back with The Masterson Method®.

Megan continues to enjoy practicing mindfulness and body awareness and weaves that focus into all of her work with horses, whether partnering with an EAL/EFP program to lead bodywork sessions or providing a Masterson Method equine bodywork service to horses. “Frankly,” she says, “I have to pinch myself every morning because being on this path is almost too good to be true!”


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St. Paul, Minnesota, United States