Free to Move, Integrated Equine Bodywork

I grew up in a family of body-workers and health care practitioners but never felt drawn to work on people, so I pursued a career in textile design. I loved horses and riding as a child and re-discovered horses in my 30’s, that passion soon became the focus of all my spare time. Over the years I met a number of different equine practitioners, practicing many different bodywork and healing techniques, and thought what a lovely way to make a living, help horses feel better and move more freely. As with many other Masterson Method® practitioners, it was one horse in particular, my paint gelding Apache that motivated me to look for ways to help relieve his muscle and joint strain myself. When I found Jim Masterson’s Beyond Horse Massage Book I quickly realised it was something unique and valuable, after the first weekend workshop I was hooked, the results spoke for themselves and my journey to become an equine bodywork practitioner began.

As horse lovers, whether we ride competitively or for pleasure, we all want our horses to feel at their best. I believe bodywork is a big part of equine welfare and a great way to give back to your horses. My focus as I grow my equine bodywork business is to help all horses I treat have a happier pain free life and to help them enjoy the time they spend with us, as much as we enjoy them.

Servicing Eastern Melbourne, The Yarra Valley, The Dandenong Ranges and surrounds.

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Victoria 3465, Australia