Meghan Brady is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. Raised in Pennsylvania where she studied dressage under Jill Hassler of Hilltop Farm, she has also participated in virtually all equine disciplines, from pleasure riding to dressage and hunter/jumper.

Upon graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Psychology , Meghan spent two years with the Ameri-Corps Program, teaching and counseling through an equine therapy model. This experience became a springboard for her certification as a PATH International Instructor, working with special needs individuals. Through her work Meghan traveled to a variety of therapy programs in different regions of the country; California, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina working as both an instructor and consultant. During this time, Meghan was introduced to and began teaching “the Ultimate Yoga Partner Program”, a holistic approach that combines yoga and horseback riding. This experience, along with her extensive education in equine integrated performance bodywork and massage, became the cornerstone in Meghan’s quest in understanding the unique physical and mental bond between horse and rider.

Meghan’s experience in working with horses and riders in a variety of demanding riding disciplines have given her a unique perspective on physical fitness, biomechanics, rehabilitation, balance and teamwork between horse and rider.

In addition to working as a massage therapist and integrated equine performance bodywork practitioner, Meghan is also the founder and Member Liaison for the Equestrian Travel Association (ETA). In this role Meghan travels to equestrian travel facilities, ranches and riding establishments, both nationally and internationally, communicating with all association members, and creating awareness for the equestrian travel industry by communicating with the public, travel agents and the media.

Currently Meghan works with competitive performance horses and their riders to enhance their connection through an understanding of physical fitness and biomechanics and its effect on the horse/rider connection. She is based in Middleburg, Va  and in Wellington, FL for the winter months but travels throughout the United States to different facilities to work with both horse and rider. Meghan works closely with the training team and health care providers for both horse and rider to increase balance, flexibility and performance. Her love of horses and her in-depth knowledge of equine anatomy and bodywork allows her to provide practical, hands-on expertise for horses and riders at all competitive levels, as well as for pleasure riders and their mounts.

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Delray Beach, Florida, United States