Cherie lives on a small holding with her collection of goats, dogs, chickens, cats and horses. She uses her three horses for competing in, Le Trec, endurance and hunting. Having learned to ride at an early age on her first horse a Shire called Flower, Cherie has ridden and worked with horses all her life. Following the arrival of children, an entourage of ponies were acquired and Cherie taught her children to ride, supporting them with their competing and hunting. She was involved with the South Devon West Pony Club for many years; teaching as a Riding and Road Safety Instructor and assisting with the annual camp and events. Since her children left the Pony Club, Cherie found herself as an assistant instructor at Riding for the Disabled.

Eager to pursue her career with horses, Cherie discovered the Masterson Method®. Having always had a hands-on approach to horses and an interest in massage techniques, the Masterson Method combined the physical interaction with horses and visible results. After observing the work and success of a practitioner locally she was keen to learn more, and after attending her first course she was set on attaining her certification, which she completed the following year.

Cherie is passionate about her work and improving both the wellbeing and performance of horses. She has also a wealth of experience in the use of Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies in animals.

Contact Information
Lambourn, Berkshire, United Kingdom