Colleen Chambers is not just your average equine enthusiast: she’s a passionate advocate for the well-being of horses. With years of experience growing up in a horse racing family, earning her BS in Animal Science and riding for the NCSU Equestrian Team, training horses, teaching, and spending every free moment riding, Colleen has honed her skills in understanding and caring for these magnificent animals. As a seasoned trainer and competitor in racing and eventing, Colleen has witnessed the horses’ physical and emotional challenges that come with the demands of equine sports. This has driven her to explore alternative healing methods with her equine companions.  

She was certified as an equine sports massage therapist in the early 2000’s and was more recently drawn to the Masterson Method® while exploring methods to help her horses in their bodies and their minds.  Masterson Method can affect deeper muscles and release tension and restrictions in key junctions of the horse’s body that most affect performance.  The most unique thing with Masterson Method compared to other modalities is that you are working WITH (not on) the horse by watching their subtle responses and helping them to improve freedom of movement. Her journey into the Masterson Method has been transformative and has taught her a whole new way of communicating with horses, leading her to become a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner after rigorous training nationwide.  She’s noticed drastic positive changes in the horse’s temperament as they realize you are LISTENING and helping them to relieve areas of tension that may have been causing discomfort for a long time. “This attunement or emotional aspect that develops with the horse has deepened my relationship with them and has changed the way I train, ride, and teach students.  I am so grateful to have discovered Masterson Method and joined this wonderful community of brilliant and caring souls.”

Whether your horse is heading into their next big race, heading to the Olympics in Paris, or just recovering from a trail ride, Colleen can help identify areas of reactivity and restriction and help relieve it. As one of the only certified practitioners in Delaware, she’s dedicated to bringing this internationally recognized technique to her local community.  Join Colleen on this journey of connection and healing with your horse.  Together, let’s unlock the full potential of equine wellness through the Masterson Method. 

Equine Integrated Bodywork by Colleen

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