In 2006 Jim Masterson met Nora Garofalo at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida where she was competing with seven horses. During twenty years of competition in the Jumpers, having ridden under the tutelage of Olympians and after managing show farms for Grand Prix Riders Nora had employed various forms of Bodywork and Mechanical Relief Devises but had never experienced a horse receive such a visible and palpable benefit as she witnessed after Jim applied the Masterson Method® of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork; to her horses.

After that day in 2006 Nora was hooked and began to educate herself in the healing of horses through touch. Nora had the opportunity to develop her Bodywork through time spent with Jim Masterson who Nora holds in the highest regard as an expert in the diverse field of Integrated Equine Bodywork.

Nora holds several certifications in the Healing Arts. Thirty years with horses has taught her that there is always more to learn, she is currently studying to be an Equine Osteopath under the tutelage of Janek Vluggen DO, MRO, EDO recognized internationally as the leading expert in the field of Equine Osteopathy.

Nora’s Bodywork is considered “Gentle Structural Reintegration” combining The Masterson Method® and Energy Healing (thanks to her mother Neli, who introduced Nora to various forms of holistic healing including Reiki over twenty years ago). Nora believes the rigors of competition in all Equine Sports are demanding of the Horse physically, mentally and emotionally. Her result driven work has shown to improve behavior and performance in all disciplines. Her compassionate form of Bodywork increases the horse’s range of motion, fluidity of stride, stamina and encourages the horse to believe in himself and to know that their owners, riders and caregivers don’t only care about how the horses are moving but also how they are feeling. After Nora’s Bodywork sessions riders, trainers, veterinarians and grooms have expressed that the horses seem to experience an overall renewed willingness to work and play!

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St James City, Pine Island, Florida, United States