Sally has been mad about horses for as long as she can remember. It was her rescue horse Bilbo Baggins that changed things dramatically for her in 2005. He proved to be a massive challenge and the best natural horsemanship teacher on the planet. She says, “Taking the natural approach to help him become a horse again was a massive challenge, and he remains, to this day, my best friend and teacher.” Sally met a Masterson Method® Practitioner whilst riding on holiday in Costa Rica in January 2015. She was treating a horse that had been bitten by a snake, Sally was so impressed at the results of this modality that used a completely non invasive gentle approach to restore natural balance and flexibility, working together with the horses subtle responses, that she immediately signed up for the weekend workshop. The rest, as they say, is history. Sally is now the first MMCP to qualify in The Canary Islands/Spain, and will travel to any island to help horses

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Valle San Lorenzo, Arona, S/C de T, Spain