My fascination with horses started early as for many of us. I had access to the local urban riding school in my teens and ended up teaching and working there at week- ends and school holidays. I was always fascinated by horse welfare and well being and followed my dream of working with horses when I left school working at a Riding therapy centre and taking BHS exams alongside a Therapy diploma. I continued to work full time with horses for many years especially loving the work with young competition horses in many disciplines. In particular the starting of young event horses. I believe hands on practical experience alongside academic learning is the best combination. I have groomed at International three-day events and kept my own horses for many years.

My Equine massage therapy qualifications and learning started with the Equine Sports Massage course taught by the pioneering, inspiring and brilliant physiotherapist Mary Bromiley FCRP who was one of the first to introduce and extoll the use hands on therapy and rehabilitative exercise to horses. Indeed it was her who introduced me to The Bladder Meridian. The entry requirements were high and also included the need to perfect the massage techniques by gaining a Human Qualification which she felt was a very important prerequisite.

I continue to learn and keep up with CPD, following the recent science that continues into latest developments in Veterinary science and horse welfare and all aspects of current practices and Animal Behaviour, Bodywork, Biomechanics. Also pursuing my horsemanship aims with my own horses and learning from renowned trainers; dressage being a particular love and always tuning in to intuition, feel and observing.

Meeting and observing Jim Masterson was the start of another journey in to the amazing Masterson Method® for horses. It is indeed beyond horse massage. I love the subtlety and depth of it and the opportunity to really listen and be guided by the horses always working in a relaxed state for maximum effect. I have been so pleased with the results in my own horses and those reported by my clients. It’s so fantastic to feel that the horses become more flexible, comfortable and release built up tensions and patterns to effect change and increase flexibility and go on to have a more comfortable ridden athletic career in whatever field.

I absolutely love this method and work on horses of many sizes and disciplines and all are equally important.

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Banbury, United Kingdom