Kathy has been in love with horses since she can remember. She accidentally fell into a career with horses when she became interested in barefoot trimming several years ago. She started with just wanting to trim her own horse, but she found it so fascinating and rewarding that it snowballed into a full-time career.

Years later she was looking for a secondary career to add to the trimming, something that wouldn’t be so hard on her back. She attended a Myofascial Release course with Ruth Golladay-Mitchell, a saddle fitting course with Dr. Kerry Ridgeway, and then finally qualified as South Africa’s first Masterson Method practitioner.

She loves the Masterson ‘less is more’, the approach of staying under the brace and working with the horses’ responses to obtain more release.

Then in 2017, after a full-body dissection course with Dr. Deb Bennett in California, she attended Dr. Tucker’s Biokinetics clinic, an alignment technique, which has added a deeper dimension to her therapy, one that is subtle in approach but powerful in effect. It melds beautifully with the Masterson Method.

Her interest lies in a holistic manner of horse keeping. Not so much ‘natural’ horse keeping, as the horse is only really ‘natural’ if he is wild, but one that can enhance and improve body and mind, if we know how to feed for optimal health, to trim the feet knowing how to read the foot and what it needs, to use bodywork to keep the body free of tension and restrictions, to maintain the teeth according to their natural balance (ie Neuromuscular Dentistry), and to use a form of training that teaches the horse improved biomechanics, resulting in a sounder horse.

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Cape Town, South Africa