In 2021, Lisann founded her own equine therapy practice in Hamburg, Germany, after completing her three-year training as a certified veterinary practitioner (VDT).  

During her training as a veterinary practitioner, she learned about the Masterson Method® and immediately fell in love with this gentle and effective form of manual therapy.  Lisann believes that the Masterson Method® can release tension and blockages in areas of the body that cannot be achieved by any other form of therapy. The relationship that is built up with the horses during the sessions is, in her view, unique. The same goes for the effect on the horse’s mind, suppleness and freedom of movement. A happy and relaxed horse leads to a happy and relaxed rider. The Masterson Method® can thus deepen and improve the relationship and understanding between horse and human. Lisann is based in Hamburg and Kiel/Schleswig-Holstein and welcomes appointment requests throughout northern Germany.