My spark was ignited by horses in my childhood, while racing wild ponies along reed-filled canals with my cousin, in Sonoma County. That spark was further ignited in my soul in 2000, when, as a young adult, I met that special horse who taught me about being a good leader and listener, and about real commitment. This re-opened the door for me and I became a fixture at the barn, which naturally evolved into a small, local training business in Carmel Valley. My natural softness and feel spoke well to the young horses. I enjoyed starting young colts and fillies under saddle, as well as teaching novice riders that same feel with their own horses. There was a moment in my life when that spark was dampened by the loss of my heart horse, to a catastrophic injury. It was just 10 days before my our first daughter was born. I then decided to take a step back from horses: to focus on my family and heal my heart from the loss of Dugan. Horses remained in my heart, just sitting on the back burner and waiting ever-so patiently for my spark to awaken. The Masterson Method did that for me: it reignited that deep connection with horses. With a love for, and a natural ability with horses the path became ever more clear that it was my duty and desire and heal and help all equine. With hard work, dedication, and exemplary coaches, mentors, and family support, I proudly became a certified practitioner in August of 2018.

Malia Rose Aldrich Equine Performance Bodywork is dedicated to all horses, big and small, of all disciplines, serving all equine and their riders within the Central Coast of California and beyond. Malia resides in remote east Carmel Valley with her husband Forest, 2 horse crazy daughters, 4 outdoor country kitties, 2 dusty ranch pups, 1 indoor tiny dog, 6 horses, 2 of which are Ranch Horse Versatility Performance horses.


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