Born into a lifelong passion for horses, working, riding and owning horses of her own for 30+ years, she was looking for something she could do for our equine companions after retiring from 27 years in law enforcement as an Iowa State Trooper. Realizing regardless of the performance and job required of a horse, they too have discomforts and soreness as any athlete would have, there had to be more than just covering up a horse’s problem with pain medication and that Chiropractic adjustments weren’t always the answer, her quest began researching the many different modalities available that would suit her and the needs of our equine partners, she finally chose the Masterson Method™ The unique integrations of this bodywork, the gentle approach and working with the horse and not on the horse, creates an intuitive interaction between the horse and practitioner that increases trust, bonding, and understanding.

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Muscatine, Iowa, United States