Chloe Falica grew up on a small farm in south central Kentucky riding and caring for horses.  While living in Kentucky she was mentored by several of the nation’s most renowned sport horse rehabilitation experts who always encouraged the use of intuition and alternative methods of care for her personal horses.  This philosophy continues to be the foundation of her work today.

When Chloe was a teen, she spent winters in Florida and the remainder of the year in middle Tennessee as a working student for an upper level professional event rider.  This not only gave her the resources to advance through the levels of eventing on her self-trained mare but also to learn all aspects of managing a top notch sales/training/boarding facility.  After high school this position blossomed into assistant trainer and barn manager.  Her experience in the professional equestrian setting makes her relatable, showed her the importance of bodywork and helped her choose the modality that most often gave superior results – one that combines the best of all others.

In addition to completing the  Masterson Method® training program and earning a certification as a practitioner, Chloe has also benefited from years of mentor relationships with veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, trainers and other bodyworkers and because of this knows she is just one person on the team it takes to keep a horse fit and happy.

When you combine her lifelong relationship with horses, a career in the horse world and  formal education and training – Chloe is the perfect compliment to your existing team.

Chloe resides full time in Ocala, Florida.

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Ocala, Florida, United States