Bern has had a passion for horses for over 10 years but, with a mortgage to pay, he spent most of his time working as a freelance computer systems designer and developer building financial and market research systems for large companies in the corporate sector.

His real interest in body work started when one of his horses was diagnosed with Cushings disease and he saw how much she benefited from sessions with an excellent physiotherapist

Following a number of lessons in therapeutic massage with the physio, Bern decided that working with horses was far more satisfying than pounding on a computer keyboard and was what he really wanted to do.

After much research he discovered the Masterson Method. It’s the interactive dialogue with the horse, the gentle approach, universal accessibility and instant visual feedback that appeal to Bern – not to mention that it works! He believes the great thing about Masterson is how easily the owners can relate to what you’re doing and can see the horse’s reactions for themselves.

While he gets satisfaction from helping to improve the horse’s performance, he finds the most rewarding aspects are in the amazing changes in temperament, confidence and emotion that you see when you are able to relieve an area of discomfort that has been building in the horse over a long period of time.

Bern loves working with horses of any type, across all sorts of disciplines, and particularly enjoys working with sensitive horses.


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