Laura Grant, owner of Heart Connection Equine Bodywork, LLC, was first introduced to horses later in her life in early 2019, volunteering with her husband at an equine assisted therapy ranch. The instructor noticed that she connected with the horses while head walking during lessons and recommended The Masterson Method® to Laura who then bought Jim’s Beyond Horse Massage book and DVD – the rest is history. Laura saw firsthand the benefits that the therapy horses experienced in being more relaxed and willing during their lessons. In 2020, Laura and her husband adopted a beautiful Morgan horse, Princess Piper who retired from that therapy program due to Kissing Spines. They boarded Piper for a year and a half before Laura convinced her husband that they needed a horse property where they now have four horses, three of which are retired. She has been able to keep her heart horse comfortable and pain free using The Masterson Method® techniques.

While on the certified practitioner journey, Laura’s belief in The Masterson Method® intensified into a passion. Seeing the benefits for the horse and experiencing the “heart connection” (working WITH the horse and not ON the horse) were so fulfilling. Every horse benefited with improvement in comfort, balance, performance, and trust and each horse provided an invaluable learning experience. As an MMCP, that learning journey will continue to help the horse to the greatest extent possible. A side passion for Laura is to share the power of The Masterson Method® as an eventual coach, mentor, and instructor, and to generate interest amongst horses’ humans.

Laura retired from a 25-year career as an Aerospace Engineer (yes, a Rocket Scientist) and was in search of a new purpose. Horses worked their way into her heart and now, she is fully devoted to her brilliant new career as an MMCP, helping horses one horse at a time. Find Laura online at and on Facebook (search for Heart Connection Equine Bodywork).